Lucovitaal CBD 20 mg x 90 Capsules (1800mg CBD)

Lucovitaal CBD 20 mg x 90 Capsules (1800mg CBD)

High concentration of CBD

 These unique CBD 20 mg capsules from Lucovitaal® contain an extra high dose of no less than 20 mg of 100% pure CBD . Are you looking for a CBD supplement with extra high dosage? Then these 1-per-day capsules are perfect for you.

CBD oil and capsules

 Lucovitaal® has CBD as a dietary supplement both in oil and in capsules. The capsules are filled with CBD oil and are a solution for people who find the taste of CBD oil too strong or less pleasant. This dosage form is also ideal if you need a higher dosage. The dosage of this supplement is set precisely at 20 mg CBD per capsule. The dosage is the same for every intake.

7 benefits of CBD 20 mg capsules:

1. The dosage is exactly set at 20 mg of pure CBD, so you know exactly what you will get
2. The dosage is the same with every intake
3. The capsules have no side effects
4. The oil contains hardly any THC (less than 0, 05%) and is therefore not psychoactive
5. The capsules are tasteless
6. Only 1 easily swallowable capsule per day
7. Very easy for on the road

What is CBD

 CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid (does not produce a stoned or high feeling) which occurs in the Cannabis Sativa. The extract used in these capsules also contains many other cannabinoids, terpenes, phenolic amino acids and other natural elements. One capsule contains 20 mg CBD, this is comparable to 16 drops of Lucovital CBD oil 2.8%.


CBD 20 mg capsules from Lucovitaal® contain hardly any THC (less than 0.05%). By using this supplement you cannot get stoned or high. The capsules are a legal dietary supplement .

CBD 20 mg capsules tested

 Our CBD oil has been tested for content. View the analysis certificate here . Lucovitaal® CBD oil comes from Denmark. Not one of the best, but the best CBD oil in the world!

Want to know more about CBD 20 mg capsules?

We are not allowed to make medical statements about CBD. .

High quality CBD capsules

Lucovitaal® stands for Powerful & Cheap! ®. We deliver high quality products. This product contains no allergens, no salt and no sugars have been added. We find ease of use very important. The CBD 20 mg capsules are easy to swallow due to the small size of 1.4 cm.

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