Nammex Mushroom Extract Cordyceps Militaris 1:1 60 capsules x 500mg (30g)

Nammex Mushroom Extract Cordyceps Militaris 1:1 60 capsules x 500mg (30g)

What are Cordyceps Mushrooms?

Wild Ophiocordyceps sinensis is a rare and expensive Chinese herb. It consists of a caterpillar and a blade-like mushroom body growing from one end. Its common Chinese name is “Winter worm, summer grass”. Due to the high cost of this herb, the Chinese produce the mycelium of this mushroom in liquid fermentation tanks. This pure mycelium product is primarily known as Cs-4. 

Our Cordyceps is from Nammex (North American Medicinal Mushroom Extracts). Nammex Cordyceps mushroom is the actual fruiting body, grown in remote parts of China and processed by hot water extraction.

Cordyceps Mushroom Benefits

A large body of research has demonstrated that Cordyceps militaris has similar active compounds and activities to C. sinensis. Today, it is being cultivated on substrates free from any insects. It is traditionally used for fatigue, general weakness, improved respiratory function and improved sexual function.

Where to buy Cordyceps Mushroom

Our Cordyceps is produced by Nammex, which means it's certified organic and guaranteed to be of the highest quality. This extract provides over 25% Beta-Glucans. The current batch contains 29.85%.

This Cordyceps extract contains at least 0.2% Cordycepin.

1:1 extract:

Our standard extract, or what we call the 1:1 extract, is actually more like a full-spectrum mushroom powder. It is a water extract. However, it is not a traditional solvent extraction, where you only concentrate the soluble compounds, and discard the insoluble ones. Our extract uses hot water to break down the chitin in the cell walls of the mushroom. Chitin is a fibrous substance in the cell walls of mushroom. Very few humans can metabolize chitin, so breaking it down makes the beneficial compounds in the cells bioavailable. After the hot water is used to break down the chitin, the entire mushroom material is kept, dehydrated, then turned into a powder. So our 1:1 "extract" does not lose any compounds that are not soluble, which makes it the most like wild mushrooms. It just has the chitin broken down to make it able to be absorbed better. Our 1:1 extract is also what is most like the mushrooms used in human clinical research. One unit of starting mushroom makes one unit of finished extract.

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