Nammex Mushroom Extract Cordyceps Militaris 10:1 - 500mg x 60 capsules (30g)

Nammex Mushroom Extract Cordyceps Militaris 10:1  - 500mg x 60 capsules (30g)

10:1 extract is a full solvent extraction. It is a dual water/ethanol extract, which allows for the concentration of both water and ethanol soluble compounds. Hot water is still used to break down the chitin. However, then ethanol is also used. In this extract, 10 units of starting mushroom are used to make 1 unit of finished extract. So 300g mushrooms were used to make 30g of 10:1 extract, here supplied in 60 x 500mg capsules.

The 10:1 has higher cordycepin, but lower beta-glucans. This is because cordycepin is more ethanol soluble, and beta-glucans are more water soluble.

The 10:1 is concentrating more of the ethanol-soluble compounds, but you lose some of the beta-glucans in the process. However, the 10:1 ratio only signifies the amount of raw material equivalent used in the extract. It does not mean that it is ten times a potent as the 1:1. Based on analysis, the 10:1 has double the cordycepin content as the 1:1. This is because the extraction method for the Cordyceps mushroom doesn't lead to a linear increase in strength. You also discard some of the insoluble compounds in the mushroom, which leads to changes in the character of the effects. There are also more ethanol-soluble compounds in Cordyceps other than cordycepin. So, the cordycepin content is only part of the story.

In terms of comparing Cordyceps dosages, its important to remember that the 10:1 extract isn't technically 10 times stronger than the 1:1 extract. With this in mind, our label recommends 1 gram (or 1000mg) of the 10:1 extract, which is the same dosage for the 1:1 extract. However, anecdotally, the 10:1 extract is quite a bit more stimulating, so 250-500mg may be adequate as well.  

Whenyou are interested in the endurance enhancing and stimulating effects of Cordyceps mushroom, then you are likely better off opting for the 10:1 Cordyceps extract supplement. 

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