Dutch Hemp CBN 5% - CBD 2.5% Full-Spectrum 10ml Oil (MCT)

New Dutch Hemp CBN 5% - CBD 2.5% Full-Spectrum 10ml Oil (MCT)

CBD and THC are well-known names, but CBN is a lot less likely to be encountered.  CBN oil is used for a variety of reasons.

CBN is completely natural and organic. It is often extracted from older hemp. In such hemp there is a greater chance that it contains CBN. The substance is released during the oxidation of THC but is not psychoactive in the same way, and it is completely legal.

✔10 ml (approx. 225-250 drops).

✔500 mg CBN and 250 mg CBD per 10 ml.

✔Approximately 2 mg CBN and 1 mg CBD per drop.

✔Dosage: 2-5 drops under the tongue, up to 3 times a day.

✔Contains all important cannabinoids – including the legally permitted percentage of THC, so widely applicable.

✔100% Full Spectrum: for the very best effect – this CBN oil contains all important substances from the hemp plant (including terpenes).

✔Contains so little THC that it can't get you high but still enough to get entourage effect benefits.

✔Legal in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

✔Only organically grown hemp with the highest CBN percentage is used.

✔The hemp plants from which this CBN oil is made are grown without pesticides, genetically modified organisms and fertilizers.

✔Diluted with quality MCT oil for better taste and higher absorption

How do I use the CBN oil?

We sell CBN oil per 10 ml. That is about 225 to 250 drops. This contains 500 mg of CBN and 250mg CBD with Medium Chain Triglyceride  Coconut oil. Each drop contains approximately 2 mg of CBN.

It is important to shake briefly before use. Then take 2 to 5 drops under the tongue. Let the drops rest for a minute, and then you can swallow. 

A recommended frequency is 3 times a day, but just like the number of drops, you can better determine that yourself. If this is your first time, just start with small amounts and build up in small steps over a longer period of time. In the meantime, it is important to keep an eye on your body and mind, so that you can fully assess the effects of the CBN oil in your case. And then you will know exactly which dosage and frequency are most suitable for you after a while.

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